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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pajamas make a great Mother's Day gift!

This Mother's Day gift idea came from my recent extra time in bed. I did everything healthy I knew to do - mega Vitamin C, echinecea, chicken soup, washed my hands endlessly and still I got it - the flu hit this weekend. In fact, here I am in front of the fireplace with my laptop - it's 1:16 PM and I'm still in my pajamas. And I am so comfortable and cozy...the best I can feel until this "bug" gets out of my system. So I thought I would pass along to you another great idea for a Mother's Day gift - pajamas! I love them.

Especially during the winter my husband and I put on our pjs as soon as possible when we get home from work. Whatever we have to do at home in the evening - we do in our pajamas. It is relaxing, comfortable and cozily intimate. I have 3 winter pairs -not sexy - but wonderfully comfortable - and yes, even fashionable.

I found this adorable company, Sleepyheads, that has the best pjs - all styles.

My very favorite thing to do on Sunday AM is stay in my pjs, eat breakfast late and read the paper. That just makes my weekend. Trick is to have some really great pajamas. Maybe this Mother's Day, your Mom would take the day off if she had great pjs.

They have Her and His pjs and they have Mother and Daughter pajamas, or pjs for the whole family. Also, if you care about this kind of thing there is a list of celebrities who have become customers. They are fun! So, consider pajamas for your Mom's Mother's Day gift .

You can lounge around together!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chocolate for Mother's Day gifts - fantastic idea!

Let's get serious about GREAT Mother's Day gifts. What says "I love you, Mom." "You're the best Mom in the world" "I'm so lucky you're my Mom." What says that because it is the most loving, considerate, exciting gift a Mother could ever receive? CHOCOLATE! I don't think I know a woman who doesn't get excited about chocolate.

Personalized Photo Boxes from Dan's Chocolates

And these days, there is wonderful gourmet chocolate that is available at the click of your mouse. Sure, it's not a gift that lasts (well, maybe on the hips it does), it's not a gift that Mom will have for the next so many years - but it is a wonderful choice for a fun gift for Mother's Day that is sure to make her happy, happy!

I'm not sure that men can really appreciate how most women feel about chocolate - so let me be the expert advisor here - Chocolate is a great choice!

One of my favorite's is Dan's Chocolates - luscious, great variety, novelty chocolate items great for gifts (hint, hint) - and make sure your Mom enjoys her Chocolate Mother's Day gift completely guilt free. If you're lucky maybe she'll share with you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Mother's Day gift idea- unique jewelry

Mother's Day gift ideas can be lots of fun to give and's just that sometimes we forget that Mom is just a girl. See, doesn't it make it easier to think about a fun gift when you remember that your Mother is a girl - and well, all girls, all ages love jewelry. So for a fun gift for Mother's Day, jewelry is a good place to start looking.

Does Mom love celebrities? Some of the really "hot" stars have jewelry lines of their own. Is that a look Mom would like for herself?

Maybe she prefers an individual look that is all her own - could be dramatic or unusual. If that's her take a look here.

Or maybe your Mother likes more subtle jewelry.
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Jewelry is great because it elimiates the need to guess at a size - but it is helpful to know - does she like shiny, glittery? subtle?
Is she contemporary or more of the traditional Mom?

Start by noticing what she already has. That may give some good clues. Have you heard her admire someone elses jewelry or been with her when she paused in front of a store window? The key here is - have you been paying attention to your Mom?

And there it is. So often it is very easy to take our Mothers for granted - she know all about us - but do we know all about her?

Does she have a best friend you can ask? How about your father/or her husband? You could show her some of your jewelry - very discreetly and see what kind of response she has.

It can be hard not to put our own spin on what we would like to give her, or what we think would look good on her, or what we think she would like for a Mother's Day gift, but Mom deserves us to know her well enough that we pick out something she will love and cherish and that says " "We see who you are and we love you.

Hey, Mom is - well, she is just a girl - so keep that in mind when you start putting together your ideas for Mother's Day gifts. Mom is a girl and girls love jewelry! Happy Mother's Day!

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